The Laughing Girl

Reynolds Joshua
The Laughing Girl
layer & technique: 

Oil on canvas (relined)


76,2 x 63,5 cm 30 x 25 inch


 The Laughing Girl

Girl three quarter length, facing the spectator, leaning on a pedestal, left thumb to her mouth, in white chemise with a greenish scarf and red petticoat, curly hair with no parting or bandeau, the figure turned toward the left.

ENGRAVED: W.Bond 1813    6 inch 5/8 X 5 inch1/2, as the Laughing Girl

                    G.S.Shury 1864  5 inch1/8 X 4 inch, as the Smiling Girl


marked "I. PEEL  LINER" on the stretcher


 British Institution 1813  n° 81

                           1823 n°39

                           1833 n°44

                           1843 n°2

Royal Academie (Burlington House) 1876 n°2



David Mannings: catalogue of the paintings of Joshua Reynolds     n° 2074  (as untraced)

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p 1167, iv 1456

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Postle p.106 n°7


sources / external links: 

Sir Joshua Reynolds "a complete catalogue of his paintings" by David Mannings and Martin Postle

 number 2074